E/C House

E/C House

The basalt stone walls of an old and very small rural house on the island of Pico were the starting point for the design of this house. The project emerged from the need to maintain the expression of the existing stone in the most genuine way possible and design a house that could be made advantage of by creating more diverse and complex spaces than in the previous typology. The house, moulded on the interior of the stone walls, was designed with generous openings to allow light to enter and make possible the enjoyment of its amazing landscapes. The voids are aligned in some cases and not in others with the pre-existing parts of the old house in ruins, creating settings and new relationschips with its original limits. The project is the result of the movement of the stone walls and expossed concrete blocks, which are always moved when the need for space or for contemplation, given that the house is partially buried due to the pronounced slope of the land. We persisted with the idea of a building that could age with serenity and, precisely for that reason, we opted for concrete and basalt stone, in the hope that the passing of time would leave its mark on them and perhaps reveal through their textures a certain memory of the place.

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E/C House


Ines Vieria da Silva
Miguel Vieira


Ex Aequo Winner



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São Roque do Pico




Team: Bruna Silva, Joao do Vale Martins, Andreia Luis, Ines Martins, Rita Maria Pinto Trainee, Daniel Mentech Structural Engineering: Ricardo Ferro Antunes, Francisco Mendonça Santos Fluids: Paulo Jorge Almeida Oliveira, Hugo Mendonca Furniture: SAMI with Loja Nord

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